1967 Chevrolet Corvette
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1967 Corvette Conv 435, Bloomington OEM, MCACN Concours Gold, NCRS Duntov

This is the best documented highest scoring 435 convertible available on the market. Go find another one with a real window, tank sticker and protecto plate. You won't. This was extremely high scoring under current strict standard NCRS and Bloomington OEM. It was originally ordered to go fast with a 4.11:1 rear, close ration transmission, side exhaust and headrests. There simply is not another 67 435 Convertible with this level of authenticity available for sale, either privately or publicly. If you want the best of the best you found it.

2014 Bloomington GOLD OEM® certified - A Gold Certified car appears as it would just after completion of "typical factory production." It means that a Corvette has been preserved or restored within 95% of the way it appeared when it left the factory – no better, no worse, no different. Bloomington Gold's standards for authenticity and condition are clear – the goal is to attain historic perfection, not cosmetic perfection. The OEM represents the passing of the engine stamp pad via forensic analysis of the stamped characters with known original stampings prior and after the judged stamp.

2014 MCACN Concours Gold certified- Vehicles are judged on a 1,000 point scale with deductions taken for any deviations from how the vehicle left the assembly line.

2015 NCRS Duntov - To achieve this highly coveted award, an owner must attain a judging score of at least 97% out of 100 % based on an original "as manufactured" standard at a National or Regional NCRS event; as well as present the car for a rigorous performance test of all vehicle mechanical components and functions, all of which must operate as those of a new car, without a single failure. Finally, the car must again score at least 97%, at a National NCRS Convention, to receive the Duntov Award. The process of achieving the Duntov Award requires attendance at a minimum of three events, and must be completed within a three year period. Only 1,057 Corvettes have achieved the NCRS Duntov Mark of Excellence Award.

2015 NCRS PV (Performance Verification) - To achieve this award, an owner must attain a NCRS Flight award® based on an original "as manufactured" standard at a NCRS event; as well as present the car for a rigorous performance test of all vehicle mechanical components and functions, all of which must operate as those of a new car, without a single failure. As of today only 1,513 Corvettes have received the NCRS Performance Verification award

2015 National Top Flight scoring 99.3 - Under the heavy scrutiny of master level judges a National Top Flight award of anything over 99.0 is almost unheard of. At 99.3 this car is considered to be the best of the best with few if any reproduction components.

Original born with engine - This speaks for itself.

Unhit original body - this body in particular the front end, has never had so much as light bump in the garage let alone a major accident. Considering how this car was ordered with a 435 horsepower engine, 4.11 gears etc it was ordered by someone who wanted to go fast yet it was never abused and meticulously owned and maintained.

Born with Factory side exhaust car- The side exhaust system on this car was installed by the factory. Not only that htis car has original pipes witht the very distinct sound only achieved with originals not reproduction pipes.

Original NCRS validated Window sticker- Thinking about how special this is due to the fact that this piece of paper was adhered to the inside of the drivers window with water soluble adhesive. The dealer was mandated by Federal law to leave it on the car and not remove it. That meant the new owner either tore it off upon leaving the dealer as it obstructed the view or in the case of this car it was carefully removed by the original owner and securely stored. It has been authenticated by the NCRS as the genuine article.

It is so rare to have one of these let alone combined with an original tank sticker and protecto plate. It adds to the cars value significantly. There cant be but a small handful of 67 435 Corvettes that have this level of factory documentation.

Original NCRS Validated Build sheet (tank sticker)-It lists all the options the car had originally. Starting in with '67s, it is glued to the top of the gas tank. Later years also may find them stashed various places inside the car. This build sheet is perfectly pr served and validated as the genuine article by the NCRS

Original Protecto plate
All owner history to new
Restoration receipts and photos

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427 V8
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Silver Star
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427 V8
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4 Speed Manual
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